Lazy Thai green curry for those days when you just can’t be bothered

Although I’m a fan of cooking from scratch, we all have an off day when we can’t be bothered shopping for fresh ingredients.

At times like those, these little packs can make all the difference between grabbing a sandwich and eating a wholesome meal. I bought this one from Tesco, but I’m sure there are many other varieties available in supermarkets. Just watch out for preservatives and other nasties in the contents.

All the ingredients are 100 per cent natural and this particular brand tastes delicious. Just add meat or veg, ready in 15 mins, serves 2-3. 99 calories for a third of the pack, with 150g of basmati rice (low GI, 150 calories) and, say a chicken breast (130 cals). Total meal 380 cals, a lot less for a veggie curry.

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